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There is so much to learn, when you bring home a new dog. Whether its a tiny puppy needing lots of love, guidance and supervision, and an older dog, needing some of its life experiences reframed to fit your home and needs. The Slogan, Bond, Train, Focus, and Grow says it all. At PAWFECT we are not focusing on creating perfect dogs, but on developing amazing relationships, from which the training will come with focus and growth.


The needs of each individual will differ greatly.

You may have had experience with dogs before, or be very new to the experience.

You may have goals you want you and your dog to achieve as quickly as possible, or you may be more inclined to take things at a steady pace.

You and your dog drive the timeframes of the lessons you will become involved in.

Personal Training Programs are tailored to your needs.

Group classes benefit some, and are less suitable to others.

PAWFECT works with you, and your dog, for the best outcome for you as a team.

Image by James Barker
Portrait with Dog


Everyone, and every dog, learns differently, and copes differently in new environments.

By ensuring both you and the PAWFECT Trainer have a very clear understanding of your goals, we can be sure you are provided with the PAWFECT training environment for you and your dog as a team.

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